Dr. John Cobin, Chile Consultant

John Cobin, Ph.D., Chile Consultant

I am delighted that you are interested in coming to Chile and making it your new home. Chile is a great place to live, from its First World and beautifully-treed capital, Santiago, to its world-class beach areas, to its provincial towns and spectacular landscapes. Chile is relatively inexpensive, has a wonderful climate in its mid section, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world in its southern half.

I help people obtain visas, find an appropriate part of Chile to live in, acquire property, find sources to meet friends and start relationships, get started with financial accounts and buy Chilean gold coins and guns. My business is rather serious. I realize that you will be making a life changing decision by moving to a new country and I want to help you feel welcome and comfortable.

As you can probably imagine, I get a lot of inquiries from people wanting advice and comments on their plans. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming. Due to the high demand for my services, especially due to my relationship with www.SovereignMan.com customers, many of whom are coming down for the Resilient Community project near Talca, we have set up a mode of entry to separate casual from serious inquiries. (I hope you will appreciate my need to do so.)

Some of my clients come in through the regular consultancy service while others choose to start with one of our two varieties of residency programs. The latter program is discussed at length later in this entry and in the blog entries below. The former is a straightforward arrangement which requires that a US$995 initial consultation fee be sent by Western Union (available at most grocery stores in the USA) to John Macarewich Cobin in Santiago, Chile. Notify me by email to chileadvisorygroup@gmail.com when you have the MCTN number from Western Union and we will set up a time to talk over the phone for an hour and have follow up phone calls and emails as needed. Once in Chile, the daily rate for services is US$500, plus all expenses, paid in cash (peso equivalent, 250,000 pesos) daily and billed at half day intervals.


Zapallar Beach rocky shore 5th Region

Zapallar Beach bay 5th Region

Rio Baker headwaters Lake Bertrand with Wild Flowers

Lago General Carrera 11th Region Ferry crossing

Lago General Carrera 11th Region colors

Lago General Carrera 11th Region

Lago Cochrane 11th Region

Rio Baker 11th Region

Torres del Paine Lago Pehoe

Las Tacas development 4th Region

Lake above Cajon de Maipo

Bahia Inglesa 3rd Region


Some people want help getting their Chilean residency and are willing to pay for it. For that reason, we have just established a professional one-year residency program that can help native speakers of English get going. Getting a visa in Chile is a tried-and-true turnkey operation that has gotten good results.

In our program a client gets a contract visa which can lead to permanent residency if he fulfills the in-country time requirement. We also help clients open bank and mutual fund accounts, special life insurance accounts, and obtain medical insurance. For an additional fee, we also help with setting up wills, setting up business structures and purchasing a gun.

The cost is USD$2,995 (additional services extra). Additional funds to cover your salary plus payroll taxes and administration are deposited for the contract visa program. Generally speaking, mainly the well-healed will tend to participate.

The program is designed to help those with a high opportunity cost and time preference move to Chile permanently and set up their lives. Here is a list of the main benefits of the Contract Visa program’s package (the basic program includes the first four items; the rest of the items are at an additional cost):

1. Obtain a contract visa
2. Apply for permanent residency, if the client qualifies, after one year
3. Open a checking account, mutual funds and savings accounts with bilingual branch staff
4. Open tax-advantaged life insurance investment accounts
5. Help the client obtain medical insurance and ambulance coverage, if desired
6. Help the client buy and register a gun, if desired
7. Help the client rent a car from a reduced-price agency, if desired
8. Help single clients hook up with reasonable dating services, if desired
9. Help the client wire unlimited amounts of tax-free cash to their accounts
10. Write a will for the client (notary fees not included)
11. Set up one company for the client (notary and legal fees not included)
12. Advise the client on shipping containers, one being tax-free with the visa, and arrange for a customs and shipping agent in Chile
13. Get the client’s National ID card (carné) with RUT number
14. Obtain investor’s tax ID number (used when buying real estate, among other things)
15. Help the client buy Chilean gold coins, if desired
16. Reasonable, unlimited phone consultations with Dr. Cobin, or one of the program’s consultants, for one year after committing to the program.

Obviously, the full package is far more than a simple visa service. It is a getting-set-up-in-Chile service. If you would like to find out more, please call Dr. Cobin at +1-864-244-6464 or +1-864-244-8177 (weekends and evenings are best). You can also send an email to jcobin@policyofliberty.net. Serious inquiries only.

Dr. Cobin’s book, Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers is the most comprehensive treatise on Chilean life ever written, designed to help newcomers get settled in Chile. He covers almost ever topic imaginable for immigrants. This knowledge is applied in his valet consulting service, where he guides expatriates through the process of finding a place to live and settle in Chile, helping them glide over the speed bumps that they would otherwise face in getting their visas, setting up businesses, buying real estate, investing in Chilean stocks or gold coins, etc. Dr. Cobin's other books on Chile can be found at www.escapeamericanow.info.

Buy Dr. Cobin’s Public Policy books at Amazon.com:
A Primer on Modern Themes in Free Market Economics and Policy (2009)

Christian Theology of Public Policy: Highlighting the American Experience (2006)

Bible and Government: Public Policy from a Christian Perspective (2003)


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