Dr. John Cobin, Chile Consultant

John Cobin, Ph.D., Chile Consultant

I am delighted that you are interested in coming to Chile and making it your new home. Chile is a great place to live, from its First World and beautifully-treed capital, Santiago, to its world-class beach areas, to its provincial towns and spectacular landscapes. Chile is relatively inexpensive, has a wonderful climate in its mid section, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world in its southern half.

How to Obtain Chilean Residency and Citizenship

Briefly, Why I came to Chile

Having traveled to every corner of Chile, literally every mainland town over 500 people and many scenic areas, I am convinced that it is the most beautiful country in the world. And that is not the only reason I chose to come to Chile. Other reasons abound. It has a largely free market based economy, is business-friendly, Americans and Europeans are well-liked, its mid section has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, recreational activities abound, and Spanish proved to be a useful language for me and my children to learn.

FAQ on Chile Residency Program

I am delighted to hear that you will soon be joining us in Chile! The country is civilized, beautiful and fabulous. I am sure you will enjoy it.

I have written several key answers/points below to clarify some of the main questions I have received about the residency program. I hope these points will clarify things. If you still have further queries after you read these points below, please do not hesitate to write. Otherwise, we will look forward to receiving your email after you have formally joined the program.

Residency Program costs



Obtain a retiree visa US$2,995
One must show to Chilean authorities an account statement with US$100,000 minimum somewhere in the world. Note: obtaining a checking account, credit cards, mortgage and safe deposit box are more difficult with this visa program.

The client pays all fees for notary services, photographs, taxis, taxes and bureaucratic charges, in addition to the basic program fees. VIP airport pickup by a staff member is included but the client pays all transfer or taxi charges to go to the hotel from the airport.

Acreage for Sale in Chile

Building lots or small farms:

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