Dr. John Cobin, Chile Consultant

John Cobin, Ph.D., Chile Consultant

I am delighted that you are interested in coming to Chile and making it your new home. Chile is a great place to live, from its First World and beautifully-treed capital, Santiago, to its world-class beach areas, to its provincial towns and spectacular landscapes. Chile is relatively inexpensive, has a wonderful climate in its mid section, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world in its southern half.

How to Obtain Chilean Residency and Citizenship

Briefly, Why I came to Chile

Having traveled to every corner of Chile, literally every mainland town over 500 people (except Juan Fernández Island) and many scenic areas, I am convinced that it is the most beautiful country in the world. And that is not the only reason I chose to come to Chile. Other reasons abound. It has a largely free market based economy, is business-friendly, Americans and Europeans are well-liked, its mid section has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, recreational activities abound, and Spanish proved to be a useful language for me and my children to learn.

FAQ on Chile Residency Program

I am delighted to hear that you will soon be joining us in Chile! The country is civilized, beautiful and fabulous. I am sure you will enjoy it. That is not to say that Chile is a perfect place. On the contrary, there are many threats and we welcome as many freedom-minded folks as possible to join in the ranks.

Residency Program costs

Note: This page was originally posted in 2011 but is still relevant today in 2015-2016.



Obtain a retiree (or real estate or stock market investor) visa for US$2,995
One must show to Chilean authorities an account statement with US$100,000 minimum somewhere in the world. Note: obtaining a checking account, credit cards, mortgage and safe deposit box are more difficult with this visa program, in fact it will be nearly impossible unless one shows over a million USD to the bank.

Temporary Visa Fees

As of June 10, 2014, the Chilean government has posted the fees charged to those that apply for a temporary resident visa for retirees on a pension or real estate and stock/bond investors. The fee varies widely by country, ranging from nothing to US$1,387.

Applicants from countries that have no fee charges (US$0) include the United States, Granada, Ireland, Israel, Mauritius, Montenegro, Serbia, Palau, Palestine, Vatican City, Tonga, Tunis and Tuvalu.

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